Below is the governor's speech during the flag off:
"It is a pleasure to address you today on this august occasion of the flag off ceremony of the Bello Health Intervention. The introduction of Bello Health Intervention is a key strategy aimed at reducing under-5 child deaths from preventable or treatable childhood diseases. Every child born in Kogi State deserves to live, thrive and contribute to national development.
It is the priority of my administration to let every life count and the time has come for us to roll out Bello Health Intervention programme targeted at reducing preventable child death in Kogi State under my watch.
Poverty has been identified as a strong contributor to these child deaths and in line with our new direction agenda to deliver quality health services to the people of Kogi State I hereby present Bello Health Intervention package comprising of the distribution of free drugs across 10 hospitals in the 3 senatorial districts for the treatment of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, new born infections and other curable curable childhood diseases.
Similarly, I want to officially flag off the adoption of Chlorhexidine gel for umbilical cord care as recommended by the Federal Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation putting a stop to the use of methylated spirit for cord care. This will help us to realise one of our targets in the New Direction blueprint; reducing infant mortality rate to below 10 per 1000 live births.
It is my belief that these drugs will be distributed to the various health facilities and used judiciously for the children that may need them.
I want to warn the head of various health facilities that these commodities must not be diverted for private use other than the purpose it is meant for as there will be punitive measures awaiting any offender in this regard.
At this juncture, I want to officially flag off the Bello Health Intervention.
Thank you all and God bless Kogi State."