Ayede Ogbese is a town in Akure North Local Council of Ondo State. It comprises 85 camps, and is home to an impressive number of Ebira and Igala people from Kogi State.

For this reason, Governor Yahaya Bello made it a point of duty to make a stopover in the town to canvas support among the people for Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Saturday's governorship election in the state.

GYB's engagement with his kinsmen was very eventful, and the visit afforded both parties the opportunity of some useful interaction as he rubbed minds with people from different backgrounds.

Already favourably disposed to the candidacy of Aketi, the Ebiras and Igalas of Ayede Ogbese nevertheless impressed it upon GYB to advocate on their behalf with the soon-to-be governor-elect to carry them along in his development plans for Ondo.

They are also hopeful of some representation in Aketi's government, given their significant number, their contributions to development in the state, and the proximity and interdependence of both states.

The women of the community also had a simple appeal from the incoming governor, that he help establish a market for them in Ayede Ogbese when he succeeds and becomes chief executive of the state.


In responding, Governor Bello drew a parallel between President Muhammadu Buhari's victory at the polls, his emergence as Governor of Kogi, and events unfolding in Ondo, saying Rotimi Akeredolu is on a divine mission in the state.

To buttress the strategic importance of the state and this particular contest, he drew attention to the sheer number of high-ranking personalities who have converged on the state to participate in the electioneering process.

He hailed Kogi citizens in Ondo for standing up to exercise their civic duties by participating in campaigns, urging them to make the right choice by voting Aketi on Saturday, so they stand the best chance of having their needs met.

GYB promised to take word from them to the candidate, assuring him of the support of Kogites in Ayede Ogbese, and appealing that he commit himself to fulfilling the few needs of his kinsmen resident in his domain.

He said his support for Aketi is total, describing him as a noble man with integrity and a sterling track record, who can be trusted to keep his word, and that the people can rest assured that Aketi will strive to make good whatever he promises.

He urged the people to take the campaign from door to door and from person to person, spreading word about the man, and urging them to come out en masse and vote in their numbers to send Barrister Akeredolu to Alagbaka as the next Governor of Ondo State.


Governor Bello arrived Owo and proceeded to the palace of the Olowo of Owo, His Royal Majesty, Oba David Victor Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi III, where he paid homage to the monarch.

He thanked the Olowo of Owo for ensuring an enduring peaceful coexistence between the people of Owo Kingdom and the indigenes of Kogi State resident in Owo, appealing that the relationship be consolidated upon.

He went on to speak about his primary mission to Owo, saying it is in continuation of his spirited campaign for the candidate of the APC in Saturday's governorship election, Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN.

He urged Owo people not to pass up the opportunity of giving their mandate to Aketi whom he says is man of positive values, an achiever who has proved himself in a distinguished legal career, and a man who can deliver as Governor of Ondo State.

His Excellency expressed certainty that victory for Aketi at the polls will usher in a new and historic alliance of peace, development and prosperity for Ondo State, its people, Kogi citizens in the state, and Kogi State by extension.

He also promised a healthy working relationship with Aketi, referring to the proximity of both states given their shared boundary, and the age-long interaction and interdependence between them.

He also cited the importance of aligning the state with the party in control at the centre, saying the time is ripe for the political horizon to be altered, and power rotated to the APC, after eight unbroken years in time of plenty has left much to be desired.

In his remarks, Oba Olateru-Olagbegi III thanked His Excellency for visiting his palace, and for his keen interest in the progress and development of the state. He said the Ebira people have been good and peaceful citizens in his Kingdom, assuring Governor Bello that the people of Owo will support Aketi who is one of their own.

His Majesty presented palace souvenirs to the Governor and his Chief of Staff, who accompanied him on the mission.

Governor Yahaya Bello then proceeded to visit the Ohinoyi Anebira of Owo, who was full of praise for the divine manner of His Excellency's emergence at the helm in Kogi, praying endlessly for him.

He promised to advise all Ebira resident in Ondo State to come out and vote on Saturday, adding that Aketi already ranks above the competition, and that he is convinced Aketi will put the mandate to admirable use if he gets it.

The Ohinoyi Anebira used the opportunity to make some requests of the governor on behalf of himself and Kogites in Owo.


Governor Bello greeted all Kogi State indigenes present at the gathering, and in the rest of the state. He said this is the first time that the Governor of Kogi State will be collaborating with Ondo State to ensure the concerns and plight of Kogi indigenes resident in Ondo State are addressed.

But he said for this to happen, Aketi must win on Saturday. Hence, every Kogi person must play an active roll in actualising it by using their PVC as a weapon for freeing Ondo from the hands of people lacking sincerity of purpose to do what is right.

He said Aketi is favourably disposed to the idea of giving Kogites some representation in his government, and expressed confidence that he will keep his promise.

His Excellency also said, though the country is going through a rough patch, things are on the mend and that between Mr President, himself and Aketi, genuine development for Kogi and Ondo States is only a matter of time, and that the results will soon be incontrovertible even to antagonists.

He appealed to the people to turn out and play their part by voting Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN on Saturday, then leave the rest to God to use them to repay their trust and ensure their needs are met.

At the Ebira Communities in Ipele and Isua da, the visitation served a dual purpose. It was an opportunity for the people to see one of theirs who is governor of their state of origin for the first time. The mood was joyous and near carnival-like. They were all in total support of Aketi's candidacy and will ensure they show their support on Saturday, November 26.

The Governor said those who farm to sustain the state should have basic amenities to make life and living better for them and is sure Aketi will provide them as Governor.

In all, 6 communities were visited beginning with Akunnu Akoko.