Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello commences plan to explore Lokoja Mount Patti Tourism Potential

The Governor, in his bid to turn Kogi State to a tourist destination for local and international investors has commenced the development of a framework for developing Mount Patti.

Mount Patti is one of the richest tourist attractions aside the Confluence of River Niger and Benue in Nigeria. Mount Patti was  the center of attraction for Europeans from the first expedition led by British Medical Doctor, Williams Balfour Baiki, who later became British Consulate. In 1840-41 during the first expedition by Great Britain, sponsored by Liverpool merchant ship under the Captainship of McGregor Laird, on the point of arriving in Lokoja,  Mount Patti was the first attractive sight to the Europeans. They took their first visit to meet the indigenous people of Mount Patti,
After interactions with the settlers, the white men asked to know the meaning of the mountain.
The people in their local language called it Patti, which is also interpreted to mean Mountain in English, so the whitemen coined the word together to mean "Mount Patti"  until this day.

Moreover, in 1877 When Lord Lugard moved his West Africa Frontier Force to Lokoja from the present Itobe, Mount Patti was used as is security surveillance over the city.
Presently, Mount Patti plays host to NTA LOKOJA, Kogi Radio FM, Grace FM and Confluence Cable TV. This has further attested to the Tourism Potential of Mount Patti.
Today, Mount Patti is witnessing inflow of city residents for Weekend Physical Exercise. The Site holds far better and colorful potential for richer tourism acticvities than this.
It's upon this premises that the incumbent administration is developing a strategic plan to unlock Mount Patti's Tourism Potential for leisure, hospitality and businesses.
When Mount Patti Tourism is fully developed, it will be another source of Internal revenue generation for the state.